Thursday, June 10, 2010

7 Months Old! Happy Birthday Coco!!

A little retrospect!

Can you believe that our little 'Boo Boos' is already 7 months old??
I was recently talking to my neighbor Stephanie, who is 3 1/2 yrs old. She reminded me that I brought Coco home when it was snowing and that Coco was the size of her little wiener dog, Bronson. Wow, things have changed.
She has grown into quite the little stink bomb. Coco is now 65 lbs and very strong. She still gets 3 walks a day and it still seems like it's never enough exercise. We're hoping to complete our fenced-in yard this weekend so that Coco can run wild and will not be limited to the house and leash time, during walks. *fingers gently crossed*

What we did right

Well, that schedule kept Coco potty trained. She only had two accidents inside the house. We were pretty fortunate! Another success - we have been committed to making sure that Coco gets more than enough exercise. It's been good for us, too! We reinforced all 'commands' during our walks and when we fail - try, try again! She continues to test us every single day, and we continue to reinforce all rules so that she does not take advantage of us. Crate training is key, folks. It keeps your dog out of trouble and you get to correct your dog under constant supervision when it is not in the crate. I cannot believe that people don't crate train their dogs. Those are some of the same people who FLIP out when their dog chews up their couch while unsupervised.

What we could have done better this day I still feel bad about that Pigs Ear that made her so tremendously ill. Yeah - I'm a sap and it was like MONTHS ago...but I still remember her anguish and discomfort. We also refused to crate her at night. I wish that I had just stuck with it, as we had MONTHS of sleepless nights. Wow. For those who are consistent, it can really pay off. Actually, last night we had a quiet night with Coco in her crate. She didn't make a peep! We'll see how tonight far so good.
I wish that I had saved my $$ on absurd dog treats/toys and spent more on obedience training. But overall - I am so grateful that I brought Coco home, very much against my husbands will. Don't get me wrong, he loves her to pieces. But he was NOT a fan of taking on this responsibility. Now we cannot imagine our lives without Miss Coco. SHE ROCKS!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010



For the most part, Coco has been great. She was a perfect Princess on the 2 day drive. But the waves have proven to be a little much for her. She's okay with walking the beach with us, but the breaking waves seem to cause her a little anxiety and she gets a little nippy and weird when she's on the beach too long. In the meantime, she's been making friends with my brothers dog Winston and we even made pals with some other German Shepherd on the beach. We met Elsa (10 months old) and Trooper - a retired Polics Dog from Commerce Twp, MI. It's been fun, but Coco is definitly NOT a beach bum. I don't know how I was attracted to a breed that is NOT water friendly, as I am quite the Mermaid. Hopefully Coco will come around a bit.

Well -we knew it was going to a great adventure when we spotted the Batmobile. :)

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