Monday, July 12, 2010

Coco and the Kitty Revolution


Yes, she's 8 months old and over 70 lbs. She's growing up fast and thankfully, starting to chill out a bit.

A few weeks ago she mysteriously broke her toe. 3 weeks of house arrest resulted in one of WORST periods of dog ownership EVER. I'll spare you the 1000 word essay here, but let's just say this - we lost a cozy feather comforter and Chris and I nearly strangled one another because we were so frustrated. She was TERRIBLE.

The Kitty Cat Revolution

Yeeeeeeeeeeeah -- so, the cats are still NOT okay with this whole doggy thing. Coco loves kitties, and unfortunately wants to play with them. So recently she's been on a leash, tied to me belt loop when she's around the kitties. This works pretty well and she's rewarded when she remains passive with them.

Unfortunately, the kitty revolution began a few months ago and has resulted in an issue that
I am almost too embarrassed to talk about. They urinated on the furniture. It's awful and after spending $1500 on our new living room set, I'm seriously ready to lose my mind. Luckily, I'm going back to the old reliable method that has worked in the past.

What has not worked

I heard a lot of good things about Nature's Miracle. I tried it numerous times, but it never worked. EVER. So my local pet supply folks told me to try Urine Off. It's #1 Vet recommended and they say it's The World's Best Urine Stain and Odor Remover, so I fell for the marketing hype and decided to give it a whirl. It made my furniture smell 10 times worse and my entire house smelled like fresh cat urine. Chris was ready to lose his mind and I was ready to make a fur hat out of Miss Bast, as I know for a fact that she's the Che Guevara of this Revolution.

Super Size Bast
Large AND in charge!

What has worked

My kitty cat guru, Dave Rhabari, highly recommended water and vinegar. I had used it before when we first brought JuJu home. It worked like a charm. But for some reason I wanted to try the expensive crap that I heard so many good things about. Natures Miracle + Urine Off came to about $30+ and didn't do a damn thing. The White Vinegar was $1.29 and I mixed it with an equal part of water. 1 cup of White Vinegar + 1 cup of water. It killed the scent and didn't destroy my furniture.

Between kitty drama and the MONEY PIT that is now my dog, I can say that this is all totally worth it. Coco is an amazing creature. She's so darn smart and and about as sweet as it gets. She's been chilling out on the puppy craziness a bit more every single week. I know that she and the kitties will come full circle...once she decides that they are NOT going to play with her.