Friday, February 19, 2010

"Good Morning Coco!"

Coco is one smart cookie!

So tomorrow will mark our 2 week anniversary with Coco. She's been a really great pup. We've been extremely lucky that she was potty trained so quickly and that she's gotten along pretty well with the cats. I think having cats around to keep her in her place will help out in the long run with her socialization and her self control. Tonight we start her obedience training and I'm looking forward to blowing the other pups out of the water. Coco is getting really good at following basic commands. She has also DOUBLED in size in less than 2 weeks. It's pretty wild.

Mouthing and Walking

The biggest objections that we've had with her so far is her need to "mouth" or "nip." We've been dealing with it through reading "The Art of Raising a Puppy" which recommends that we gently grab her snout and say "NO" and then hold out our hand for her to lick. While the "mouthing" is still going on, she's come a LONG way! Walking her has also been quite the challenge. She pulls and wants to lead - as any puppy would. However, this morning marked a serious turn in events. She walked next to me the entire 45 minutes that we were out. I had to keep her there, of course, but she accepted her role and maintained position. When we got back to the end of the subdivision I heard someone say "Good morning Coco!" and a woman standing in her drive-way was waving to us. I waved back and Coco was delighted to hear her name. Wow - she's already making plenty of friends in the area! We meet so many people in our subdivision when we take her for walks.


So after her second round of shots, she'll be able to go hiking with me this weekend for a longer period of time. I'm really excited to get her out. She needs to meet the local squirrels NOW, before she's 75 lbs and ready to bolt through the woods.

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  1. These furry little rats are a menace. I call them the dog video and our Zoe loves to watch. They eat all the bird seed so I'm not a fan. I mainly like them because they entertain Zoe and one day maybe she'll bring one home and we can make welsh rabbit :)