Friday, March 26, 2010



Ugh. So Coco has been driving me a little nuts lately. She's been up at 5 AM and ready to PARTY! She's been nipping and jumping on the furniture...she's been pulling on her leash...she's been testing me and I've been standing up to her and letting her know WHO THE BOSS IS! And yes, I've had some mornings where I wonder what in the heck I've gotten myslef into. But this was a particularly rough morning and I came to work exhausted and on the verge of tears. Then I thought of my two doggy mentors; Deanna Robbins and Renee Badall. Both of them recently lost their doggy soul mates and watching them go through this has been very sad for me. I turn to Deanna and Renee almost daily for doggy advice and they have both been incredible resources for information and I honestly don't know what I'd do without them...and my other "Dog Whisperers" at work Marion and Amy.

But today, I'm thinking of Deanna and Renee and of their dogs.

Renee and Teca

Ameriken-Magic Teca ~ December 17, 2005 - February 13, 2010

Renee is one of my best friends. When she suddenly lost Teca last month, I was just in pieces. Teca was a gorgeous Viszla that lived a full and exciting life with Renee and Joe Badall.

Deanna and Duke

pic of Duke and Greta

"He is everywhere, but I can't get to him. In fondest memory of my sweet boy, Duke Martin 1999- Mar2010"

I work with Deanna and I've been in and out of her office for WEEKS, asking for advice and showing her pictures. She lost Duke recently and it was absolutely devastating for her and her family.

On mornings like this when I feel like I'm at my wits end and I wonder why in the heck I ever got a dog, I think of Duke and Teca. I need to hug my Coco a little tighter and not take her for granted...even when she's being a little STINKER!!!!

Big love to you, Renee and Deanna!!!


  1. ok, you've touched a soft spot of mine. We lost our beloved Amy Nichols Clark on March 11 to cancer of the spleen, although it had already metasticized to other areas. She was our Marilyn Monroe of Eagle Point here on Clark Lake. Amy was her real name and with our dog Zoe (a mutt)they hunted the woods and meadows until an unfortunate something had been snagged by one of them--and then they shared. They were the best of buddies and constant companions. They were the odd couple; Zoe a mutt and Amy, a prize-winning Golden Retriever. We've always had dogs in our lives--me and my 4 sisters. We think of them as Angels who have come to stay a while, teaching us to be better people by their undying unconditional love and loyalty. Reading about Duke and Teca, I am touched by the memories you shared. We are so lucky to have had a bit of time with these "angels" but parting is so sorrowful and I beg to differ with the sweet. You have posted wonderful tributes to both of them and I appreciate the story.

  2. Losing a beloved fur-baby is one of the hardest things to go through. Every time one of mine is ill, I always pray that I have more time. I've lost 4 cats in the past 8 years; and even though sudden death is shocking and hard, it sure as Hell beats watching them suffer. Bankey was the only one to do me that favor. May they all R.I.P.