Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Coco hits Downtown Ann Arbor!


Coco received first class treatment at Grizzly Peak!

Coco was actually very well behaved, considering that we were packed in like sardines at the FestiFools Parade in Downtown Ann Arbor! Every year, FestiFools draws packs of Ann Arbor townies to Main Street - larger than life 14ft+ puppets hit the streets and bring an abundance of creativity and energy to our lovely city. This is one of my favorite events and we were not going to miss it! However - I doubt that we'll subject poor Coco to FestiFools again. It was way WAY too intense and there were a lot over stressed dogs that were just not socializing well. We were lucky to have such a sweet puppy!

So if you're wondering what in the heck FestiFools is, please watch this fun video. It's a fantastic celebration of Grand Proportions! A stunning array of colorful puppets dance thru the streets. My favorite part of FestiFools is that it was created and maintained by Ann Arbor Townies of all ages and educational backgrounds. We adore this Festival! It may not be appropriate for pups, but it is a fabulous event for YOU!
Once FestiFools was over, my hubby and I grabbed some pals and headed for Grizzly Peak. I hear that it's against "code" to have a dog on a restaurant patio - but don't tell that to Grizzly Peak. They not only allowed Coco to join us, but gave her the Rock and Roll treatment. She lay at our feet quietly, while we enjoyed locally brewed IPA's and scrumptuous food! After a fabulous luncheon at Grizzly Peak, Coco hung her head out of the window and enjoyed a scenic ride home. Lotsa families outside enjoying a marvelous day and an exhausted pooch ready to pass out in 3...2...1...


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  2. So, I'm not 100% positive about this, but I've heard that the regulation about dogs on patios actually doesn't apply if the space isn't entirely enclosed or have multiple entrances/exits... at least, that's what the folks at Corner (very politely) told me when I asked about dogs in their beer garden.

    Evidently, theirs is too enclosed, but sidewalk seating or patio areas like at the WAB are ok. Incidentally, I was pleasantly surprised to take a friend's dog to eat lunch at the Majestic Cafe patio the other week!