Friday, April 23, 2010

Coco LOVES Swift Run Dog Park!!

Oh hell YES! Coco is finally going to the Swift Run Dog Park! We wanted to wait until she was old enough and MATURE enough to handle all of the different personalities. I think that 5 months old is the perfect age to introduce her. She's got her commands down and she's not impressionable enough to disregard her commands while being distracted by the other dogs. She still needs to learn to deal with the rough-housing. There were some tough players out there, but she held her own.

We've never seen her so happy!!

Auntie Amanda Zee and 'lil Brody

Stud Muffin Thor - a regular at Swift Run

Berg - she is a GREAT Dane and about as Sweet as it gets!

Coco ran around like a crazy pants for about an hour and a half. Luckily, we had Miss Amanda Zee, Brody, Argos and Poppa it was one big PARTAAAAY!!!

On the way home, Argos and Coco played in the back seat. Exhausted and ready to pass out. Coco loves her man, Argos!

Coco + Argos = True Love Always

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