Sunday, October 17, 2010

Old Habits Die HARD!

So, we hired a private dog instructor. There have been a few red flags and with the baby coming, we knew that it was time to break Coco of some pretty bad habits.
I had a very nice, long conversation with our new trainer today. She mentioned that one of the first things that we need to do is GET COCO OFF THE BED! ASAP.
Tonight I have kicked her off numerous times, but it's been rough. She's just not ready to go. Unfortunately, this is where her dominance issues stem from. We have allowed her on the bed since day one - against ALL advisement. Everyone was right. Coco has been a great dog, but my issues with the typical first trimester gave her an edge to take advantage of me. She certainly thinks that she is the Pack Leader...and as she sits here at the foot of my bed, I'm reinforcing this belief. UGH! This is awful. I know that I need to kick her off once and for all. I know. Training begins on Sunday October 24th, after that she's off the bed for good. The instructor will meet with us for a few hours and provide us with a strict plan. One of the main points will be to kick Coco off the bed for good.
Tonight...well, it's just not happening.

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  1. Does she have her own soft 'bed' right near yours? We have big squashy beds from Good company and the dogs know that they are their nest. Good Luck!!!