Monday, October 18, 2010

Second Night of Coco's NEW POSITION!

Quick turn around

Well, Coco has been fighting us on this issue, but she's been taking on her new position pretty well. After 9 months of sleeping with us, she has now been forced to sleep on the floor and is NOT allowed on the bed at all.

As I mentioned before, our trainer comes out this sunday. She said flat out that Coco needs to get out of our bed and onto the floor ASAP. Coco has been dominating over the past few weeks. Since I've been pregnant, she's been a bit more hostile toward other dogs and has just been a great big stinker, all around. Starting last night, she hit the floor and we've been consistent ever since.

Luna - a new pal

Today we took Coco for a walk right after work. After about 2 months of her FLIPPING out on certain dogs in our area, we were on the look out for dogs that Coco did not know. On our way out of Lakewood forest, a large brindle German Shepherd (who was off leash) came running at us full speed. "Luna!! Get back here!" came from a distance. Coco sat down with a HUGE smile and greeted her new friend. THANK THE MAKER Coco was totally cool with Luna. Our little Princess has flown into Cujo-mode on certain dogs, so we were not sure what to expect. It turns out that Luna and her family live around the corner from us and well, Luna's poppa is a professional brewer at the new "Wolverine Brewery" here on Stadium Blvd. I'll be hitting him up for some samples once we have the baby. Little known fact - the day I brought Coco home we watched "Moon" and I thought it was one of the best films that I've ever seen. I wanted to name Coco "Luna." Chris hated it and said NO WAY! I love that name.

Did Coco chill because she's sleeping on the floor now and NOT feeling like the Pack Leader?? Who knows. It's still too early to tell. But she is not sneaking up on the bed with us, she knows that we mean business. As long as we are consistent, we're good to go.

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