Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Of course, this should come as no surprise.

When Coco was 10 weeks old, I sat in disbelief as I watched her jiggle the handle on her teeny little crate and let herself right out. We had a bungie chord around the crate for months. When she grew a bit bigger, we moved her to a medium size crate that my mother let us borrow. It was far more secure, so we didn't have any problems.

Recently, we bought her a SUPER SIZE crate. One like this:

And now I am wishing that I had splurged on something more secure like this one:

The wire crate seems a bit flimsy, but we bought it 50% off. So I thought we'd be able to use it for the rest of Coco's life. It's totally huge! But Coco is a smart cookie and has already managed to get out of it. Chris (my hubby) secured it with a bungie chord this morning, so we'll see what happens.

Honestly, we were expecting a "Keith Moon" type reception when we got home. Thankfully, she was sound asleep by the door - which shocks me. Coco has been on house arrest for one week due to her spay and she has been a BAD BAD little girl. Exercise is the key to obedience, and she's not getting any of that! I can't blame her. But the house was oddly in order. I thought at the very least there would be broken pens and ink all over the furniture, but she didn't do a single thing. Altho - I bet her puppy tummy is FULL of kitty poo, via the litter box. *barf*

Anyhoo...we'll see how this goes. If you have a smart German Shepherd or any large breed, I don't recommend these wire crates. Splurge for the more secure ones, as these crates are going to last the dogs entire life.


  1. Does she open the door or does she 'pop' the panels of the crate open? We had to zip-tie the panels of Dewey's crate together so he wouldn't pull them apart and get out.

  2. She uses her paw to jiggle the handle, pop it up then move it over. It's crazy. You really have to see it to believe it. I am thinking about YouTube'n it.

  3. I had a friend who had several greyhounds and used the metal, wire crates. You may just need to secure it closed with a carabiner clip or something similar. Good luck!