Monday, May 3, 2010

"In the middle of the night I call your name..."


Happy Mother's Day to Coco's Mother!

Mother's Day is coming up and I can't help but look at the beautiful pictures of Coco's mother. She was a playful, sweet-natured dog. When I met her and Coco's father I just knew that their pups were going to be reflections of their kind, gentle spirits. Coco's mother has an incredible smile and was very nurturing to her little pups. Her father was a HUGE bear, he was quite intimidating to look at. But once I came through the gate he ran right up to me and welcomed me immediately. Coco has become such a big part of our lives. I'm glad that I got to meet her biological parents.

Coco's Mama

Coco's Papa!

This is a song that we sing to her quite often. She loves it.


In the middle of the night
In the middle of the night
I call your name
Oh Coco!

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