Friday, May 14, 2010

More Senseless Violence Against Animals

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” - Gandhi


Holy smokes - ANOTHER dog was horribly beaten by their owner? It seems like every few months posts a horrific story about a dog owner losing their temper and damn near beating their dog to death! This time, it was a little Jack Russell/Terrier Mix named "Shadow." I just cannot believe that someone would beat a tiny dog with a hammer over an indoor "potty" accident. I mean really - WHAT does one think that a dog does in a new environment?? Especially little dogs that are notorious for their little bladders? This is so sad. CLICK HERE FOR THE WHOLE STORY.

I'm obviously preaching to the choir, here. You are reading this blog because you are a fellow dog lover and you are just as floored by these senseless tales of impatience and unforgivable abuse.

"Annie" finds a loving home

Last February, a local man was finally convicted of brutally beating his dog "Brownie" nearly to death, this time with a tire iron. Her abuse was so extensive that she had to have one of her hind legs amputated. After lying under oath and swearing that he accidentally ran the dog over with his car, the judge slapped him with a 2-4 year prison term. According to; "Washtenaw County Circuit Judge David Swartz slapped Rutley with a two- to four-year prison sentence and said he would have issued more time if state guidelines allowed." CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL STORY. "Brownie" was renamed "Annie" by her adoptive family and is thankfully living a new life of luxury and prestige!

At least the laws are somewhat in-place to handle these types of cases. Many other states merely give a slap on the wrist, and offer probation. I'm thankful that Judge David Swartz took this case seriously and handed this criminal a tough sentence, especially after he refused to take accountability for his actions.

As much as it shocks me to see these stories come out of the woodwork, I am glad to see that treats them as "Headline News." Are there a sudden rash of violent cases against animals? Probably not, animal abuse is as old as mankind - but it seems that the media is jumping on the stories as more and more people are responding to them. People are fed up with these disparaging stories and are taking steps to mitigate this senseless violence against our precious little fur babies.


  1. All I can say about folks who do this type of stuff is, Hangin' is too good for them!

  2. Kyle, you should check out that story on "Annie." She had to have her leg amputated. Sooooo f-d up!! :(

  3. Man, I almost started to cry reading this story. What type of person could even DO that to an animal?

    Sparky thought it would be really fun to go on a little "adventure" today (which included taking off across Miller!), and though I was frustrated, I know that he mostly just thought it was a game. Especially when a dog is in a new environment, you can't blame a dog for being a dog (having accidents, not always listening/obeying). And even if you are angry, you're a human for chrissakes! It's up to you to be the calm and mature one!

    I certainly don't blame the HS for adopting to this guy (how could they know?), but I am a little surprised that their adoption screening process didn't yield any other "off" behavior from this guy. Anyone who could go after an animal with a hammer obvs. is pretty damaged psychologically themselves. :( What must've happened to this person to make him THAT screwed up?!

  4. Ya know what Mariah - I was so miffed that I lost sight of the face that any person who uses a hammer against an animal is most certainly damaged psychologically. It's such a sad circumstance, indeed.