Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tracking Class + Coco gets her Spay

Westarbor Animal Hospital is my local Vet and I cannot say enough about them - THEY ROCK! The entire staff rules my world!

They hosted a great Tracking class last Saturday and I thought we'd give it a whirl. Well - Coco was a total Brat for the first hour. She walked in thinking that they had thrown her a SURPRISE PARTY, so she was all over the damn place socializing and distracting everyone. UGH. Well, after an hour she settled down and totally got into it. We set a trail for her to follow and once she got it - she was a ROCK STAR!

Coco is feeling poopy

Poor baby, she is feeling super sore and is having a hard time getting around. I wish that I could tell her that she was spayed and that this pain will wash away, but right now she's sick and dizzy and she's giving me her most dramatic pout EVER. Even still, I'm a BIG supporter of "population control" and I know that in the long run this will be best for her health. But I have to admit, when I was on my way to pick her up, I did have a strange wave of guilt. Coco is just such a sweet pup, and what if she did ever have pups? They would be little GEMS! But, they would result in more dogs being euthanized through shelters and they would contribute to the horrible over population that is resulting in over 1 million euthanizations per year.

PedMeds.com Vs my Vet

Soooo, I spent a small fortune on Frontline and Interceptor on top of her spay. It was a big expense that I was saving for, so I was ready. Luckily, my VPI Pet Insurance will be reimbursing me about 30-35% of my entire bill - stay tuned for that one. But like $240 of that bill was for Coco's Heartworm/Flea medication. Some of my friends use PetMeds.com, so I jumped online and compared costs.

12 Months of Interceptor

My Vet: $119.34
PetMeds.com: $96.99

6 Months of Frontline

My Vet: $115.98
PetMeds.com: $93.99

Hmmm...those prices certainly do not include shipping. Nor do the prices contribute to keeping the doors open and the lights on at my favorite Vets office. Yeah - I'd save some money. But I understand the need for "overhead" and I want to see my Vet stay open and functioning, so I'll probably stick to supporting my local vet over PetMeds.com.

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